Sermons from 2019

The River of Life. Genesis 2:10-15.

School has started, the weather has changed, and a new season is upon us. Some of us are ready for a new season, and some of us would rather stay where we were, but none the less seasons of life roll on by whether we want them or not like a river rolling on out to sea. How do we navigate these…


“Prayer is what connects us to the Creator, but also what connects us as creation.” This Sunday @ 9:30 come and hear about how we can have unity through prayer with and for one another. Come early for a free breakfast! Kyle Thrower speaking.

Living In Mystery. 1Cor. 15:35-58.

Ever wondered what you will become? It is a question which we have all pondered at some point in our lives, but as Christians, we find the answer lies deep within us and will only be revealed fully at a certain point of our lives. What is it? Find out this Sunday @ 9:30 as we talk about “Living in mystery,” come…

Wise Worship.

As Christians we want to worship God, it is for many of us the part we look forward to all week long, getting together and worshiping God. But what is worship, and what goes into worship and what should be left out of worship? We will look at this question on Sunday morning @ 9:30 am, come early for breakfast.

Plain Speak.

If you buy nearly any kind of product these days which comes with instructions, you will find all kinds of disclaimers and jargon which often outdo the instructions. In church there are a couple of gifts which some people try to put more emphasis on than the Gospel. We will talk about they are and what they demand of us, this coming…