Sermons from November 2018


Entrenched. Romans 12:1-24. 11/11/2018. Ever feel overwhelmed by life? That external forces have you pushed bank into a hole? Or perhaps it is internal forces which keep you from stepping out into the life God has called you to. This Sunday 9:30am we will look at how to get past being “Entrenched.” 111118 Entrenched guide Click for download page.

Grace Wins.

Grace Wins. Romans 5:1-21. 11/4/2018. The midterm elections are just a few days away now, and the candidates are making their final pitches in order to get you endorsement for their election to office. But here is a question; if you were running for office what would you say to validate your life? Would you come out a winner? Find out 9:30am…