Sermons from November 2018

Putting It Together.

Putting It Together. Ephesians 4:1-16 11/25/2018. The building blocks of life can be confusing to work out which one goes where. Join us this Sunday to find out it works in church as we talk about “Putting together” at 9:30 am. Come earlier and enjoy breakfast. 112518 Putting it together guide Click for download page.


Shipwrecked. Acts 27:27-28:10. 11/18/18. As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving of course we all thankful for the good things in our lives, but what about the “not so good things?” What about those times our lives are “shipwrecked” on the shores of adversity? That’s not the story most of us are interested in this time of year and yet it is the…


Entrenched. Romans 12:1-24. 11/11/2018. Ever feel overwhelmed by life? That external forces have you pushed bank into a hole? Or perhaps it is internal forces which keep you from stepping out into the life God has called you to. This Sunday 9:30am we will look at how to get past being “Entrenched.” 111118 Entrenched guide Click for download page.

Grace Wins.

Grace Wins. Romans 5:1-21. 11/4/2018. The midterm elections are just a few days away now, and the candidates are making their final pitches in order to get you endorsement for their election to office. But here is a question; if you were running for office what would you say to validate your life? Would you come out a winner? Find out 9:30am…