Sermons from July 2018

God’s Fame

God’s Fame. Various passages. 7/22/2018. God’s fame is God’s greatest passion. Sermon from a missionary to China. Click for download page.

Ruthless Trust.

Ruthless Trust. Nehemiah 1-6. 7/15/2018. Today Pastor Ken Brooks is preaching. Ken and his wife Shirley have served here at Smith Rock, in Hawaii and other Southern Baptist missionary assignments. We are so blessed they felt the Lord drawing them back to Smith Rock Community church as their home church for this season in their lives. Ken is also one of our…

The Power Of Deliverance.

The Power Of Deliverance. Daniel 6:1-18. 7/1/2018. As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day it reminds us of a struggle that goes on throughout our lives; the struggle of what power we are going to let rule over us. Mostly (whether we admit it or not) we want to have power and we use everything at hand to maintain it, but will…