Sermons from February 2018

How Much Is Enough?

How Much Is Enough? Exodus 18:1-27. 2/18/2018. When someone tells you they have achieved some feat do you believe them or do you require some proof? For the smaller claims perhaps we might take them at their word, but the bigger the claim the more proof we require. What about God? What proof do you need from Him? Find out this Sunday…


Setbacks. Genesis 5:1-23. 2/11/2018 Have you ever had something not go quite the way you hoped it would? You had it all worked out, your plan was sound, you had done your research and yet what happened was an unexpected setback. Where did the setback come from? What do they do to us? How can we get past them?


Provision. Genesis 47:12-31. 2/4/2018 When it comes to providing for people in need how do we choose who to provide for and who not to provide for? Why should we give any of what we have worked so hard for to anyone? The answer to those questions is probably found in who and where we think all the resources we have in…