Vain Faith. 1 Corinthians 15:1-11.

We all have hopes and expectations in life, and 2,000 years ago as Jesus rode into Jerusalem many people put their faith in Him. But did they really understand who they were putting their faith in and what He was going to do or was it going to be “Vain faith?” How about your faith? Find out this Sunday morning @ 9:30…

A Consistent Walk.

Steve Heinz will be preaching today on “A Consistent Walk.” Steve and his wife Pat joined SRCC after retiring from serving as the pastor of Madras First Baptist. Steve is currently serving As Strength Coordinator for High Desert Baptist Association.

The “I Am” sayings of Jesus.

Pastor Bryan is still in England with his father. Please keep both of them in your prayers. Pastor Ken will be preaching today from John 6. Pastor Ken and his wife Shirley recently retired and we are so blessed they now attend our church. Pastor Ken was the previous pastor here at SRCC and is now one of our Shepherds. He and…

How Much?

How much is a question which is often on our lips. How much is my tax refund going to be or how much will I owe? The answer to “How much” determines what we do both now and in the future. Sunday morning at 9:30am we will discuss the answer to “How much?” Come early and see “How much breakfast you can…


When is the last time you heard or saw something which made you do a double take? Now it might be a good thing which stops us in our tracks as we marvel at the wonder of it, or it could be a bad thing which leaves us disgusted. Sunday we will be talking about the later and what we do about…


Determining what is real and what isn’t can be hard these days, but on close examination we can often find tell-tale signs which give it away. Knockoffs however are not a new phenomenon, they have been around a long, long time, and Sunday morning @ 9:30am we look at the revealing signs of one. Come early and enjoy a free breakfast

Stand The Test.

We live in a disposable society, many of the things we buy we don’t expect to have for long; either they will wear out or we will replace them with their new and improved version. How about what you are doing with your life? How will that stand the test?