Sermon Archive. 11/15/2015 through 12/29/2020.

Sermon Archive. 11/15/2015 through 12/29/2019.

Answered. Luke 2:21-38. 12/29/2019. 

As we approach a new year and a new decade, we take the time to look back on where we have been and think about where we are going. As we think about how 2020 will unfold, we probably have some uncertainites and questions. What difference would it make in our lives if we knew all our questions were already answered.

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“Anticipation”​ series started on 12/1/2019. (A four part series).

Sunday morning we kick off a new series leading up to Christmas taken from Luke’s Gospel and his account of events before Jesus was born into this world. As the title of the series suggests, Luke invites us to look forward to the coming event in a way in which we are totally prepared to meet our king.

But. Luke 1:5-25. 12/1/2016.
As we lead up to Christmas and the end of the year our thoughts often turn to hope; what we might find wrapped under the tree, time with family, food and fun, a change in circumstances for the new year – a better job, health or new relationship. Our hopes, however, are often crushed before they get off the ground with one word.

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Let It Be. Luke 1:26-38. 12/8/2019.

The leadup to Christmas is a busy time of the year as we prepare for the “big day,” when amongst other things we are anticipating that we will have some peace. Just how effective though are our strategies to get some peace, and how can our anticipation be filled?

120819 Let it be guide

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Jump. Luke 1:39-56. 12/15/2019.

Lots of things can make us jump such as when someone startles us with a fake spider, or when we spill our drink and anticipating its trajectory we jump out of the way! What do you anticipate making you jump this Christmas time? Find out what we should anticipate.

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Infinite Loyalty. Luke 1:57-80. 12/22/2019.

Christmas Day is almost here and as well as the smell of delicious food in the air, there is also the scent of love as gifts of perfume nestle under the tree, and jewelry glints temptingly to couples passing by shop windows. Christmas does shine with love, but its sparkle doesn’t come from gems it comes from infinite loyalty. What does this have to do with love? Find out Sunday morning @ 9:30 a.m. Come early for free breakfast and hang out with friends.

122219 Infinite loyalty guide

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“Living On The Edge” 9 part sermon series started on 9/22/2019.

How close to the edge do you live? While some people spend their whole lives on the edge pursuing dangerous pastimes, most of us while enjoying the occasional thrill prefer to live our lives away from the edge on relative safety. How does God call us to live our lives? In this series looking at the life of Elijah we will discover God calls us away from our illusion of relative safety, but much closer to the edge than most of us are comfortable with, not so we can get cheap thrills, but so we can know Him. Are your “Living on the edge?”

Asking For Adversity. 1 Kings 17:1-7. 9/22/2019.

What do you typically ask God for? Possibly the things we most ask God for are to bless us, protect us, give us peace, make us successful and prosper us. We ask for these things for ourselves,our family, our church, friends, neighbors and country, and we reason that with these “blessings” God’s power will be obvious to everyone. but will it? What if we were to ask God to make Himself apparent through a different means?

092219 Asking for adversity guide

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The Word. 1 Kings 17:8-24. 9/29/2019.

What drives you to action? Often it is circumstances, either positive; we want the benefit or negative; we don’t want the consequence. But equally it can be a word we hear, something which we think is persuasive, but it is really only compelling if we act on it. Otherwise it isn’t nearly as powerful as we thought, is it? Join us Sunday at 9:30!

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The sermon audio is not available.


Coming Out. 1 Kings 18:1-18. 10/06/2019.

Have you ever had to reveal something about yourself to someone and you weren’t sure how it was going to go? Will they be thrilled or disappointed, will they accept me or reject me? It’s a risk. As disciples of Jesus Christ we are given a new identity, but when should we reveal it, and to who and how?

100619 Coming out guide

100619 Coming out group guide


Limping along. 1 Kings 18:19-29. 10/13/2019.

All of us have experienced the sensation of having a foreign object in our shoes. It is annoying and we stop to remove it before it causes any damage because if we leave it in there, pretty soon we will be walking with a limp. The same is true spiritually speaking, except often we ignore the irritant and limp along the best we can. This morning we will look at some things which keep us “Limping along” and how to remove them.

101319 Limping along guide

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Draw Near. 1 Kings 18:30-46. 10/20/2019.

Go to any musical, theatrical or sporting event and the closer you get to the front the more expensive the tickets will be. There is always a cost to closeness. In relationships there is a cost to intimacy, not necessarily financial, but giving up some freedoms. What is the cost of drawing close to God? How can we do that?

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What Are You Doing Here? 1 Kings 9:1-18. 10/27/2019.

Sometimes we get ourselves into situations and places which we never envisioned we would end up in, and we wonder how on earth we got to be where we are. But when we end up in a place of darkness there is often a sequence of steps we can trace which will help lead us to the solution to the question.

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Confronting Evil. 1 Kings 21:1-20. 11/10/2019.

Evil is a word which we don’t like to use too much, if at all. It is reserved for those people who commit actions that we can all agree on are way outside the bounds of human normality. But what is evil, and where does evil come from? And when it is recognized, how should we respond?

111019 Confronting evil guide

111019 Confronting evil group guide


Misplaced Inquiry. 2 Kings 1:1-18. 11/17/2019.

The National Enquirer came up with the slogan “inquiring minds want to know,” and in an age where information rules we all want to know. But where do our inquiring minds make their inquiry, and what do they do with the information they find?

111719 Misplaced inquiry guide

111719 Misplaced inquiry group guide


Blaze Of Glory. 2 Kings 2:1-14. 11/24/2019.

How many of us dream about going out with a “Blaze of glory?” But when the smoke clears, what is left? How quickly will our “Blaze of glory last?” If you are interested in going out with a “blaze of glory” there is a way you can do it which will last for ever.

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This is the end of the “Living On The Edge” sermon series.





The Chase. 2 Samuel 23:20-23. 11/3/2019.

What are you chasing after? Perhaps it’s time to discover what God wants you to chase after. Join us as Kyle shares from 2 Samuel 23:20-23. Kyle Thrower speaking.

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The River of Life. Genesis 2:10-15. 9/15/2019.

School has started, the weather has changed, and a new season is upon us. Some of us are ready for a new season, and some of us would rather stay where we were, but none the less seasons of life roll on by whether we want them or not like a river rolling on out to sea. How do we navigate these changing seasons? Find out this Sunday as we talk about “The River of Life.”

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Family Camp weekend. No recorded sermon.

Dwelling in the Shadow of the Almighty. 9/1/2019.

090119 Dwelling in the Shadow of the Almighty Guide .

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Sermon not available. 8/25/2019.

Rescued. Mark 5:1-20. 8/18/2019.

081819 Rescued guide

Prayer. Various passages. 8/11/2019.

“Prayer is what connects us to the Creator, but also what connects us as creation.” This Sunday @ 9:30 come and hear about how we can have unity through prayer with and for one another. Come early for a free breakfast!

081119 Prayer guide

8/4/2019. Technical difficulties. The sermon is not available.

Living In Mystery. 1 Corinthians 15:35-58. 7/28/2019.

Ever wondered what you will become? It is a question which we have all pondered at some point in our lives, but as Christians, we find the answer lies deep within us and will only be revealed fully at a certain point of our lives. What is it? Find out this Sunday @ 9:30 as we talk about “Living in mystery,” come early for a free breakfast!

072819 Living in mystery guide

Wise Worship. 1 Corinthians 14:26-40. 7/21/2019.

As Christians we want to worship God, it is for many of us the part we look forward to all week long, getting together and worshiping God. But what is worship, and what goes into worship and what should be left out of worship? We will look at this question on Sunday morning @ 9:30 am, come early for breakfast.

072119 Wise worship guide

Plain Speak. 1 Corinthians 14:1-25. 7/14/2019.

If you buy nearly any kind of product these days which comes with instructions, you will find all kinds of disclaimers and jargon which often outdo the instructions. In church there are a couple of gifts which some people try to put more emphasis on than the Gospel. We will talk about they are and what they demand of us, this coming Sunday morning @9:30 am. Come early for free breakfast.

071419 Plain speak guide

The Greatest Gift. I Corinthians 13:1-13. 7/7/2019.

Gifts come in many different sizes and packages, and for many people it is the gift of the arts; music, art, and literature. A recurring subject in the arts is the expression of love, though word, canvas, and sound. Sunday morning 9:30 am we will look at one of the all-time favorite passages on love and ask, “what makes this the greatest gift?” Come early for breakfast.

The greatest gift guide

Synergy 2. I Corinthians 12:12-31. 6/30/2019.

Aristotle’s idea that “a whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is something we all know is true and yet is hard for us to put into practice because often the parts think they are the sum. What brings a group of people synergy? Sunday morning at 9:30 we will answer the question in the second part of our look at the topic. Come early for breakfast.

Synergy 2 guide

Synergy. I Corinthians 12:12-31. 6/23/2019.

It was Aristotle who is often quoted as saying “a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” For instance, has wheels, a gearbox and an engine, but individually those things won’t get you far. How about a church, what gets it to where it should be going? What are the components and how do they fit together? Find out this Sunday at 9:30 am, come early for breakfast.

Synergy guide

The Variety of One. I Corinthians 12:1-11. 6/16/2019.

When Henry Ford produced the Model T, the first affordable car in 1909, he told customers, “you can have a car painted any color you want, as long as it is black.” Who was he to tell people what color their car should be painted? In an age where manufactures fall over backwards to give the consumer what they want, Ford’s statement seems incomprehensible to us. So does the Apostle Paul’s declaration that we don’t get to choose what gifts God gives to us.

The variety of one guide

Remember. Corinthians 11:17-34. 6/9/2019.

The early part of June is peppered with graduation ceremonies; from schools to colleges, and it is a time to celebrate past accomplishments and crossing the line. But how will those graduations be remembered 10, 20, 30 40 years from now? Come to that how do we remember any significant event and keep the memory true? Sunday morning we will look at this question. Join us at 9:30 am, come early for a free breakfast

Remember guide

Hats Off. I Corinthians 10:23-11:16. 6/2/19.

What kind of hat do you wear? Why do you wear the kind of hat that you do? Where do you wear your hat? If you don’t wear a hat, why not? The wearing of hats is part of our culture, but not everyone does, and some places the wearing of a hat is offensive. How much should we take our hats off to culture and how much should we ignore is the question we will explore
this morning.

Hats off guide

D.N.F. 1 Corinthians 9:24-10:22. 5/26/2019.

This weekend is the start of the summer season and perhaps you have time set aside to relax and catch up on reading a book or two on your list. But when the autumn arrives will you have finished what you started? This Sunday we talk about the dangers of not finishing and reaching the prize.

052619 DNF guide

1 Corinthians 9. 5/19/2019.

Pastor Kyle teaches from 1 Corinthians 9.

Loving Knowledge. 1 Corinthians 8:1-13. 5/12/2019.

Knowledge is something we all possess, we know more than any previous generation, but how does our “superior” knowledge help us? We are all about loving knowledge, but exactly what kind? Find out this Sunday at 9:30am, come early for breakfast!

051219 Loving knowledge guide

Love The Space You Are In. 1 Corinthians 7:17-40. 5/5/2019.

What measurements do you use to evaluate whether you have peace? Peace, we think, can only be only be obtained if we find “the one” to be in relationship with and or the right set of circumstances. In the second part of our series “Peace calling” we will discover that actually we can have peace if we “Love the space we are in.” Find out how Sunday morning 9:30am, come early for a free breakfast.

050519 Love the space you are in guide

Peace. 1 Corinthians 7:1-16. 4/28/2019.

How peaceful is your life? Although most of us say we want peace, it is not the dominant theme of our lives, in fact our lives are anything but peaceful. If your phone rang right now and the caller id said “peace” would you answer it? And if you did answer it would you listen and do what peace said? The Apostle Paul tells us we are called to peace but how? In this two-part series we will start by looking at his answer which is to “Love the one you are with.” Join us this Sunday 9:30am for worship, come early for breakfast.

042819 Peace

Vital Faith. 1 Corinthians 15:12-28. 4/21/2019.

Our bodies are a vital part of who we are, without them we wouldn’t have much of an existence. 2,000 years ago, some women went to a tomb to prepare a body for burial, but there was no body to be found, the tomb was empty! Easter morning @ 9:30am we talk about why the resurrection has to be the foundation of Vital faith. Come early and enjoy a free Easter Breakfast.

042119 Vital faith guide

Vain Faith. 1 Corinthians 15:1-11. 4/14/2019.

We all have hopes and expectations in life, and 2,000 years ago as Jesus rode into Jerusalem many people put their faith in Him. But did they really understand who they were putting their faith in and what He was going to do or was it going to be “Vain faith?” How about your faith? Find out this Sunday morning @ 9:30 am, come earlier for a free breakfast.

041419 Vain faith guide

The Power of Encouragement. Hebrews 10:19-25. 4/7/2019.

Pastor Ken Brooks will be preaching on The Power of Encouragement from Hebrews 10:19-25.

040719 The Power Of Encouragement

The “I Am” Sayings Of Jesus. Part 2. John 8:12-20. 3/31/2019.

Pastor Ken Brooks will be preaching on Jesus as the light of the world from the book of John verses 8:12-20.

033119 The I Am sayings of Jesus part 2 guide

A Consistent Walk. Hebrews 12:1-15. 3/24/2019.

Steve Heinz will be preaching today on “A Consistent Walk.” Steve and his wife Pat joined SRCC after retiring from serving as the pastor of Madras First Baptist. Steve is currently serving As Strength Coordinator for High Desert Baptist Association.

032419 A Consistent Walk

The “I Am” sayings of Jesus. John 6:1-59. 3/17/2019.

Pastor Bryan is still in England with his father. Please keep both of them in your prayers. Pastor Ken will be preaching today from John 6. Pastor Ken and his wife Shirley recently retired and we are so blessed they now attend our church. Pastor Ken was the previous pastor here at SRCC and is now one of our Shepherds. He and Shirley do a great deal of outreach and ministry to members of our church.

031719 The I Am sayings of Jesus guide

Taking A Risk. Matthew 16:24-28. 3/10/2019.

Are you willing to take a risk for Christ?

Guest speaker Andrew Davis.

031019 Taking a risk guide

How Much? 1 Corinthians 6:1-20. 3/3/2019.

How much is a question which is often on our lips. How much is my tax refund going to be or how much will I owe? The answer to “How much” determines what we do both now and in the future. Sunday morning at 9:30am we will discuss the answer to “How much?” Come early and see “How much breakfast you can eat!

030319 How much guide1

What!? 1 Corinthians 5:1-13. 2/24/2019.

When is the last time you heard or saw something which made you do a double take? Now it might be a good thing which stops us in our tracks as we marvel at the wonder of it, or it could be a bad thing which leaves us disgusted. Sunday we will be talking about the later and what we do about it when we say; “what!?” Service starts at 9:30am come early for a free breakfast.

022419 What guide

Knockoffs. 1 Corinthians 4:1-23. 2/17/2019.

Determining what is real and what isn’t can be hard these days, but on close examination we can often find tell-tale signs which give it away. Knockoffs however are not a new phenomenon, they have been around a long, long time, and Sunday morning @ 9:30am we look at the revealing signs of one. Come early and enjoy a free breakfast.Determining what is real and what isn’t can be hard these days, but on close examination we can often find tell-tale signs which give it away. Knockoffs however are not a new phenomenon, they have been around a long, long time, and Sunday morning @ 9:30am we look at the revealing signs of one. Come early and enjoy a free breakfast.

021719 Knock off guide

Stand The Test. 1 Corinthians 3:1-23. 2/10/2019.

We live in a disposable society, many of the things we buy we don’t expect to have for long; either they will wear out or we will replace them with their new and improved version. How about what you are doing with your life? How will that stand the test?

021019 Stand the test guide

Displaying Wisdom. 1 Corinthians 2:1-16. 2/3/2019.

What are the signs of wisdom, how do we tell if someone is wise? We might look to see what she has hanging on her wall; some kind of degree, diploma or certificate, but does that mean they can display the wisdom they have learned? Sunday morning at 9:30am we talk about how the church should display the wisdom it has been given. Come early and enjoy a free breakfast.

020319 Displaying wisdom guide

Discovering Wisdom. 1 Corinthians 1:18-31. 1/30/2019.

Sunday is the second part of our series on “messy church,” we turn our attention to wisdom. Wisdom should help us from getting into a mess but some “wisdom” actual puts in more of a mess, find out which one this Sunday @ 9:30 and join us for free breakfast available an hour before the service.

Discovering wisdom guide

Factions. 1 Corinthians 1:1-17. 1/20/2019.

I don’t know if you have noticed but things are a bit of a mess in our world! One of the big reasons is we are so divided up into factions. It can be like that in church too, and we will talk about it as kick off our new series “Messy Church.” Join us at 9:30 am or come earlier for free breakfast!

Factions guide

God’s Grace. Ephesians 2:1-10. 1/13/2019.

We welcome Pastor Ken Brooks. Pastor Ken is one our Shepherds. He was the previous pastor at SRCC and has served in pastor and missionary roles for many years in the SBC convention. He, and his wife Shirley, retired recently from their last ministry assignment in Hawaii and we were blessed that they felt led to return to SRCC. Ken and Shirley work quietly behind the scenes of SRCC supporting our members in ministry needs. Welcome Ken today as he preaches on God’s Grace from Ephesians 2:1-10.

Resolutions. Nehemiah 2:1-3:5. 1/6/2018.

We are six days into the New Year, how are your resolutions going? Did you make any, and if so, how are you going to succeed in them and what do you think the success will do for you? This Sunday we will talk about “resolutions” and one we can make which we won’t have to keep coming back to year after year. Why not come early and enjoy breakfast first.

010619 Resolutions guide

Taking Stock. The Revelation 5:1-14. 12/30/2018.

With only a couple of days to go before the New Year begins if there is anything that needs to be done in 2018 now is the time to do it! But perhaps you are just waiting for 2019 to kick off so you can start your New Year’s resolution in which case now would be a good time to “Take stock.” That’s what we are going to be doing this morning as we wrap up our F260 reading for 2018.

123018 Taking stock guide

Lasting Love. 1 John 3:1-24. 12/23/2018.

As the paper is ripped away from the gifts in a few days’ time, the accompanying exclamation might be, “Oh, I love it!” But this time next year will the exclamation still be the same? Sunday morning @ 9:30am we talk about what “Lasting Love” really looks and sounds like. Come early for breakfast!

122318 Lasting love guide

Just Passing Through. 2 Peter 2:1-25. 12/16/2018.

As we anticipate Christmas, as much as we might look forward to it we know it is a time which will quickly come and go and then it will back to the normal. But what about our life on earth? What do we anticipate about it and what comes after it? Find out Sunday @ 9:30 am, come early and enjoy breakfast on us.

121618 Just passing through guide

Running On Empty. Hebrews 11:32-40. 12/9/2018.

Join us today as we hear from Steve Heinze.

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Rest. Hebrews 4:1-16. 12/2/2018.

Hands up everyone who is already tired, and wondering how they are going to make to through the next few weeks to Christmas? As much as you love Christmas you are also quietly looking forward to it being over and putting your feet up for a few minutes. Seems like we have to work awfully hard for a just a few moments of fleeting rest. But what if there was a different kind of rest? Find out this Sunday @ 9:30am

120218 Rest guide

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Putting It Together. Ephesians 4:1-16. 11/25/2018.

The building blocks of life can be confusing to work out which one goes where. Join us this Sunday to find out it works in church as we talk about “Putting together” at 9:30 am. Come earlier and enjoy breakfast.

112518 Putting it together guide

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Shipwrecked. Acts 27:27 – 28:10. 11/18/18.

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving of course we all thankful for the good things in our lives, but what about the “not so good things?” What about those times our lives are “shipwrecked” on the shores of adversity? That’s not the story most of us are interested in this time of year and yet it is the story of Thanksgiving. We will talk about why and what it means Sunday morning 9:30 am.

111818 Shipwrecked guide

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Entrenched. Romans 12:1-24. 11/11/2018.

Ever feel overwhelmed by life? That external forces have you pushed bank into a hole? Or perhaps it is internal forces which keep you from stepping out into the life God has called you to. This Sunday 9:30am we will look at how to get past being “Entrenched.”

111118 Entrenched guide

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Grace Wins. Romans 5:1-21. 11/4/2018.

The midterm elections are just a few days away now, and the candidates are making their final pitches in order to get you endorsement for their election to office. But here is a question; if you were running for office what would you say to validate your life? Would you come out a winner? Find out 9:30am this Sunday, and come early and enjoy a free breakfast

110418 Grace wins guide

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Generous Giving. 2 Corinthians 8:1-24. 10/28/2018.

This week another “lucky” person entered the ranks of millionaires after winning the lottery, and it will change their lives. But will it make them more generous? Is it the amount we have which makes us generous or is there something else?

102818 Generous giving guide

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Taste Test. I Corinthians 10:1-22. 10/21/2018.

If you were blind folded and fed different food items how well do you think you would do at telling the difference? How about if they were the same food item, but a different brand, could you tell the difference then? Often the way we tell the difference is based on externals rather than any distinctive taste. How about religions? How about Christianity? We claim to be different, and often have a shiny outside, but are we as distinctive on the inside as we think?

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Challenges & Victories. Various verses. 10/14/2018.

We are pleased to hear from a missionary to Africa.

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This Way. Acts 15:36 – 16:15. 10/7/2018.

Do you know where you are going in life, and do you have a plan to get there? It’s a question we all need to ask, individuals, families and corporations. There is another question; how do we know we are going the right way? We will talk about “This way”on Sunday morning @ 9:30 am and unpack where we believe God is leading SRCC. Join us before the service for free breakfast.

100718 This way guide

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Deadliest Weapon. James 3:1-18. 9/30/2018.

If you are a deer this is not the weekend you have been looking forward to! If you are not a deer however, the danger does not lie out in the woods but much closer to home. Find out where and what this Sunday @ 9:30 am. Join us before the service for free breakfast in the cafe.

093018 Deadliest weapon guide

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A Tough Act To Follow. Acts 2:1-21. 9/23/2018.

Ever had to follow someone who was a lot better than you? It could have been at school when you had to follow the school champion at high jump, or at work following the best presenter. There is a reason in concerts support bands play before the main band; no one would bother to stay for them, it would be an anticlimax. How about Jesus Christ? The hardest of all to follow, but who and how? Find out Sunday morning 9:30 am, come early and enjoy a free breakfast.
We also celebrate two baptisms this morning.

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The Great Commission. Matthew 28:19-20. 9/16/2018.

Guest Speaker Steve Heinz.

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Who’d Have Thought. Matthew 26:69-27:26. 9/9/2018.

Tuesday is the seventeenth anniversary of a day which changed the way we live. Tragedies have that effect on our lives, whether we are directly affected or are observers, they are seared in our memories. As great a tragedy as 9/11 was there was a tragedy which happened long before which has a far larger impact on our lives. What was it? Find out this Sunday @ 9:30 am. Come before service and have a free breakfast.

090918 Who’d thought guide

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Branch Life. John 15:1-17. 9/2/2018.

If you planted a vegetable garden this year, this is the time you are reaping the rewards of your efforts and may be sharing it with your neighbours, family and friends. To a great extent the fruitfulness of your garden is dependent on the structure of the plants, and the strength of their branches. Jesus says “we are the branches” on which He expects to find fruit. Join us Sunday to find out exactly how, what, where and when this fruit is supposed to come about. Service starts @ 9:30pm, come for a free breakfast before starting at 8:30.

090218 Branch life guide.

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 What Do You Want? Luke 18:35-43. 8/26/2018.

If someone was to ask you that question right now what would your response be? Our answers might vary from something resembling a Christmas wish list to a stoic, “I am fine, I don’t need any help.” It also might depend on who is asking the question and what we think they can do for us. What if it was Jesus asking the question, then how would you answer?

082618 What do you want guide

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Transformative Power. Mark 9:1-14. 8/19/2018.

How many of us would like to have a button we could push when we needed to an extra boost of power? We turn to all kinds of things in our lives to try and transform ourselves to an image which is more powerful. This Sunday we are going to look at a story of transformation which is on offer to all of us if we push the right button. Come and find out @ 9:30 am. Come earlier and enjoy breakfast.

081918 Transformative power guide

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Alternative Lifestyle. Matthew 5:1-12. 8/12/2018.

When we think about those who are living an “alternative lifestyle” it often brings to mind someone who has opted out of the “mainstream” of society and is travelling about and living off the land, or perhaps has some view which don’t fit in with the way the world thinks. What about Jesus? Would we consider Him mainstream, or does He in fact call us to live an “Alternative lifestyle” which goes against the norm. Find out this Sunday @9:30 am.

081218 Alternative lifestyle guide

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Invitation. John 1:35-53. 8/5/2018.

What is the best invitation you have ever received? How about the best one you have given? Join us Sunday morning @9:30 am for an “Open invitation” as we talk about the way to give “an open invitation” and respond.

080418 Open invitation guide

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Mission Trip Report.

We hear from those who went on the mission trip to Mexico.

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God’s Fame. Various passages. 7/22/2018.

God’s fame is God’s passion. A sermon from a missionary to China.

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Ruthless Trust. Nehemiah 1-6. 7/15/2018.

Today Pastor Ken Brooks is preaching. Ken and his wife Shirley have served here at Smith Rock, in Hawaii and other Southern Baptist missionary assignments. We are so blessed they felt the Lord drawing them back to Smith Rock Community church as their home church for this season in their lives. Ken is also one of our Church Shepherds.

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Kingdom Seekers. 7/8/2018.

Guest speaker Scott Elliot.

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The Power Of Deliverance. Daniel 6:1-18. 7/1/2018.

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day it reminds us of a struggle that goes on throughout our lives; the struggle of what power we are going to let rule over us. Mostly (whether we admit it or not) we want to have power and we use everything at hand to maintain it, but will it offer us the deliverance we are looking for?

070118 Power of deliverance guide

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Investing. Jeremiah 32:1-17. 6/24/2018.

Our economy is booming, unemployment is at an all-time low, and the stock market is booming, and new houses are popping up everywhere. It is a great time to grow your capital, but where is the best place to put it? We will talk about investing in an asset that is not only recession proof but time proof as well! Want the details? Join us this Sunday @ 9:30am.

062418Investing guide

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Planning. Jeremiah 29:1-14. 6/17/2018.

Many people of all ages are making plans right now, and likely you are one of them. When you make your plans what do you base them on? How resilient are your plans to changes in circumstances? Where does God fit into your plans? This morning we will touch on these questions and more as we talk about “planning.”

061718 Planning guide

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Christmas In June. Isaiah 6:1-7; 44:10-19; 9:1-7. 6/10/2018.

We all have things that we associate with specific times and or places, and when we come across them outside of the context we associate then it startles us. This Sunday we are going to look at a passage which is associated with a time and place, but it isn’t going to stop us talking about “Christmas in June!”

061018 Christmas in June guide

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A Marriage Made In Heaven. Hosea 3. 6/3/2018.

We use this phrase to talk about a relationship where clearly the couple just seem “made for each other,” they always get along and never fight. A marriage made in hell then would be the exact opposite. This morning we are going to look at a marriage that has this notion backwards, where there was betrayal and pain and yet it was made in heaven.

060318 Marriage made in heaven guide

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Naboth. 1 Kings 21. 5/20/2018.

Guest speaker Steve Heinz.

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Advice. 1 Kings 11:41-12:15. 5/20/2018.

How do you go about making your decisions, where do you look to for help? There is no shortage of advice in this day and age, but is all advice equal? Find out this morning as we look at some advice given and taken.

052018 Advice guide

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Intuition. 1 Kings 2:10-25. 5/13/2018.

What is intuition and where do we get it from? What do we mean when we say someone has good intuition? Sunday is Mother’s Day and we talk about a mother’s intuition as if it is something that mysteriously happens with the birth of a child. This morning, we are going to talk about intuition as it relates to God and where you can find yours.

051318 Intuition guide

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God By The Numbers. 2 Samuel 24:1-25. 5/6/2018.

How do you measure yourself? Your successes and your failures? How do you measure other people? Chances are in your assessment of yourself and others there is some numerical values attached and a line that needs to be crossed. How do you measure God? Join us Sunday to look at God “by the numbers.”

050618 Numbers guide

<Audio not available>

Coordinated. Psalm 23. 4/28/2018.

How do you decide on how to get to where you want to be to where you want to go? Come to that, how do you decide on where you want to go? Join us Sunday morning @9:30 am as we talk about how to plot a course which leads to the best destination or all.

042818 Coordinated guide

<Audio not available>

Quest. 1 Samuel 18:1-15.

There are different types of stories we like to hear, but perhaps the one which resonates the most with us is the one where an expedition or adventure is undertaken to gain a kingdom. We are all to some extent on a “Quest,” but what kind of a kingdom will you gain?

042218 Quest guide

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Insecurity. 1 Samuel 8:1-22. 4/15/2018.

What gives you security in your life? There are many things and people we look to for reassurance in our lives, but do we ever stop and wonder just how much confidence we should really place in them? This morning we are going to examine some of the things we try and find assurance in as we talk a bout “Insecurity.”

041518 Insecurity guide

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Fear. Judges 2:6-19. 4/8/2018.

What is driving your life? There are many things which steer our course in life; relationships, employment, physical location, circumstances, which are all pretty visible. But there is often an unseen driving force lurking in the background. Come and find Sunday at 9:30 when we should allow it to steer us and when we shouldn’t and who we need to turn to for the answer as we talk about “Fear.”

040818 Fear guide

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Thread Of Hope. John 20:1-18. 4/1/2018.

How is your hope, what does it rely on? Perhaps getting that job or promotion or the new car or bigger house. It could be it hangs on a relationship, finding the dream date and spouse, or not losing the one you have. Other hopes rest on achievement and status, keeping our health or regaining it. Many of these hopes are good, but are they lasting or do they hang by a thread which is easily severed? What if there was a hope that was unbreakable? Join us Easter Sunday 9:30 am as we talk about a “Thread of hope.”

040118 Thread of hope guide

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Milestones. Joshua 4:1-5:1. 3/25/2018.

What are the most important events in your life? What do you look back on as key moments and how have they shaped you for who you are now? Where are they pointing you to? This morning we will talk about “Milestones.”

Milestones guide

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Boonies. Deuteronomy 1:34-46. 3/18/2018.

Ever go somewhere on holiday and find it was not what you thought it was going to be? You thought you were going to have a nice view of the sea but instead you found yourself looking out on a concrete wall? How about in life? Where you are right now is not what you where you anticipated right now and you feel like you are stuck away from the “Promised Land?” What am I doing here, how do I get out, what should I do? Join us Sunday as we talk about “The Boonies.”

The Boonies guide

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Complaining. Numbers 11. 3/11/2018.

This week we are please to welcome back Andrew Davis to speak this morning, Andrew is a pastor at the Beacon church in Bend and is a student campus life director, is married to Michelle and they have three children. Andrew will be continuing with the text from our F260 reading.

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Construction. Exodus 40:16-38. 3/4/2018.

Buildings are an essential part of our would as they give us both shelter and security and we design construction for a purpose. But what kind of a construction would you use to build a place to house the creator of the universe? Oh, one other thing it needs to be movable. This week as we talk about “Construction” we will talk about God’s design for the structure and its construction and where He lives today. Join us on Sunday @9:30am.

030418 Construction guide

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Delivered. Exodus 20:1-21. 2/25/2018.

This Have you ever waited for a package, couldn’t wait until it got there and then when it arrived found they had sent the wrong thing, or it did not live up the picture? It can be quite disappointing. What about when you arrive in God’s presence, what do you think will be His reaction? This morning that is what we will talk about.

022518 Delivered guide

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How Much Is Enough? Exodus 18:1-27. 2/18/20.

When someone tells you they have achieved some feat do you believe them or do you require some proof? For the smaller claims perhaps we might take them at their word, but the bigger the claim the more proof we require. What about God? What proof do you need from Him? Find out this Sunday as we ask: How Much Is Enough?

021818 How much guide

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Setbacks. Genesis 5:1-23. 2/11/2018.

Have you ever had something not go quite the way you hoped it would? You had it all worked out, your plan was sound, you had done your research and yet what happened was an unexpected setback. Where did the setback come from? What do they do to us? How can we get past them?

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Provision. Genesis 47:12-31. 2/4/2018.

When it comes to providing for people in need how do we choose who to provide for and who not to provide for? Why should we give any of what we have worked so hard for to anyone? The answer to those questions is probably found in who and where we think all the resources we have in lives comes from because that will determine how we think they should be used.

020418-Provision guide

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Righting A Wrong. Genesis 34:1-17. 1/28/2018.

Things go wrong in life, and sometimes we are wronged in life either accidentally or purposefully by those around us. Sometimes we wrong others accidentally of purposefully. When someone has been wronged what are the steps to “righting” the situation? On Sunday we will examine a story which speaks volumes to our culture today in which a woman is badly wronged but the means used to right the situation aren’t much better.

012818 Righting a wrong guide

Guidance. Genesis 24:1.22. 1/21/2018.

Just a few weeks into 2018 and how is it going? Its still a New Year, the shine hasn’t warn off it yet and most of the year lies ahead of us. But how will we navigate it? To navigate across either land or sea we need some basic tools to find our way – a guidance system. But whether it is a ship or a missile the guidance system used is only as good as the reference points it uses; if they are miss placed they will land in the wrong place. How about yours? What do use for guidance? Find some tools to navigate life with this Sunday @ 9:30am.

012118 Guidance guide

You Can’t Be Serious! Job 42:1-17. 1/14/2018.

Last year thanks to the proliferation of camera phones we got to see several incidents, (notably on airlines) where people did not get the level of treatment they were expecting or what was “reasonable.” Watching the footage its hard not to agree, and shout, “you can’t be serious!” But what about God? What level of treatment do we expect from God? What is reasonable for God to do to us? Find out this Sunday in “you can’t be serious!”

011418 You can’t be serious guide

Second Chance. Genesis 6:5-22. 1/7/2018.

How is your New Year going? Hopefully it is off to a good start, but perhaps already it hasn’t quite gone to plan and find yourself in need of a second chance. How many second chances have you needed in your life? In this week’s sermon as we start our New Year’s reading in the F260 plan we see how quickly after God’s perfect creation human beings were in need of a second chance. But would they get one? Find out how God is the God of second chances this Sunday.

010718 Second chance guide

Back To Basics. Acts 2:42-47. 12/31/2017.

Many people’s New Year resolutions are a repeat of previous years which petered out after only a few weeks. Why? Because either they lacked a basic strategy to implement them, or they were too vague or complicated. Sunday morning join us for “back to basics” as we look at our New Year’s resolutions.

123117 Back to basics guide



“Christmas Calling.” A 3 Part Series.

Part 1. “Expired Hope.” Luke 1:5-22. 12/3/2017

 In this short series leading up to Christmas we will have a look at the calling of those involved in the Christmas story. Where were their lives that first Christmas and what did their hope lie in? What about you as this Christmas calls you, where is your hope? In the first message we will meet a couple had expired hope, in the second a couple who had expected hope, and the third a group who had excluded hope Feel like you fit into one of those categories? come and find out more starting this Sunday at 9:30 with Christmas calling expired hope”

<Audio not available>

Mission Trip Opportunity. 12/10/2017

Today we hear from Dwight Hires about a mission trip opportunity.

Christmas Calling. Part 2. “Expectant Hope.” Luke 1:26-38, 2:1-7, Matthew 1:18-25. 12/17/2017.

This Sunday with just a week to go before Christmas, the calling is getting louder and sharper and our expectations are growing. But are our expectations in line with God’s? We will find out with “Christmas calling expectant hope.”

Christmas Calling. Part 3. “Excluded Hope.” Luke 2:1-20. 12/24/2017.

How are you feeling this Christmas? Do you feel “part” of Christmas, where you are into all the preparations and celebrations; get your presents, food, decorations and the Christmas music cranked up? Or do you feel excluded from Christmas this year and it isn’t really calling you? If that’s you, Christmas really is calling you, find out Christmas Eve at 6:00 PM.

122417 Excluded hope guide

End of “Christmas Calling” Series.



“Finding The Words To Speak To God.” 11 Part Series.

Part 1. “Bearings – In Creation.” Psalms 104. 9/17/2017

Sunday we start a series looking at “finding the words.” For a variety of reasons which we will examine during this series we often fond ourselves holding back from expressing ourselves to God, and yet God wants to hear from us. What should we say and how should we say it? Find out as we look at the Book of Psalms to learn how to express ourselves.

091717 Creation guide

Part 2. “Bearings – Through Instruction.” Psalms 1. 9/24/2017

We kicked off our series last week by looking at creation, because creation is something we all hold in common, it’s a language we can all understand and gives us bearing where we can easily find the words to talk to God. This Sunday we are going to look at “Instructions” and how they give us bearings to talk to God.

092417 Instruction guide

Part 3. “Bearings – Through Wisdom.” Psalms 37. 10/1/2017

Knowledge is highly prized by our society and it is easier than ever before to have knowledge of just about anything and everything. When it comes to “finding the words” we use we should have no trouble with all the knowledge we have, and yet we struggle because we don’t when and where to use them. What we need is to find our “bearings through wisdom” and there is a big difference, find out what this Sunday @ 9:30 am.

100117 wisdom guide

<Audio is not available>

Part 4. “Bewilderment – Through Absence.” Psalms 13. 10/8/2017

This Sunday we start the 2nd section of our series, “finding the words.” Often times the words we use are dictated to us by the situations we find ourselves in. Part one looked at situations where we have our bearings, but this second part looks at the words we use to speak to God when life is upside down and we find ourselves bewildered. Want to know where to find the words? join us Sunday 9:30 am.

100817 Absence guide

Part 5. “Bewilderment – Through Despair.” Psalms 88. 10/15/2017

It is a bewildering world we live in at the moment as each weeks seems to bring unfolding news of an even greater disaster than the week before. It’s enough to send anyone into despair especially if you are in the midst of it. Where do we find the words to speak at these times, when often the only word we know is “why?” On Sunday we will talk about “finding the words in bewilderment through despair.”

101517 Despair guide

 Part 6. “Bewilderment – Through Memories.” Psalms 137. 10/22/2017

We are in a series looking at selected psalms in which to find the words to speak to God, and the great thing about the psalms is there are some to suit many situations and emotions we find ourselves in. This morning’s psalm though will not feature on anyone’s top ten, and yet many of us have expressed it. Want to know which one? Can and find out on Sunday 9:30am.

102217 Memories guide

Part 7. “Bewilderment – Through Failures.” Psalms 51. 10/29/2017

Even when we are bewildered by what is going on around us we are able to find the words if we can point to someone or something else for where we find ourselves. “It’s their fault,” or if it wasn’t for…” But what about finding the words when it’s our fault, how easily do they flow then. Sunday we will be “finding the words in bewilderment of failure.”

102917 Failure guide

Part 8. “Breadth – Through God’s Mercy and Love.” Psalms 34. 11/5/2017

This morning we start the 3rd section of our series, “Finding the words.” Now we examine Breadth.

Guest speaker Ken Brooks.

Part 9. “Breadth – Through Renewal.” Psalms 30. 11/12/2017

Are you happy where you? What if someone showed you another place you could be better off at, but in order to get there you would have to give up what you have now before moving that place. Would you go? When it comes to finding the words we find them in the context of where we are at and in order to increase our breadth we have to move to a new place. Find out where this Sunday 9:30 am

111217 Renewal guide

Part 10. “Breadth – Through Thankfulness.” Psalms 107. 11/19/2017

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day and most of us will sit down with family and friends and eat too much and vow we will never touch turkey again, until a few hours later we look in the fridge for leftovers. But take away the turkey and trimmings how just thankful are you? What does take to find thankful words that last more than one day? Find out Sunday morning.

111917 Thankfulness guide

Part 11. “Breadth – Through Praise.” Psalms 150. 11/26/2017

We reach the end of our series today, as over the last eleven weeks we have found our words in various psalms that have given us our bearings in the good times, something to hang onto in the difficult times of bewilderment, and new breadth when we have reached the other side. This Sunday we find our words which come from breadth but also continue to change us.

112617 Praise guide

End of “Finding The Words To Speak To God” Series.



“Breaking The Chains Of Dysfunction.” A 9 Part Series.

Part 1. “Inherited Dysfunction.” Genesis 37:1-11. 7/9/2017

Dysfunction is often an over used term, and yet it is something we all suffer from if we are truly honest. Many of us might deny it and say, “no we are perfectly functional people” but who and what are we using as our measure? In this series to take us through summer we will look at a family, which epitomizes dysfunction, and see despite it all God used them in His plan to break the chains of dysfunction. This morning we start by looking at “inherited dysfunction.”

070917 Inherited dysfunction guide

Part 2. “Emotional Dysfunction.” Genesis 37:12-36. 7/16/2017.

To be a functional individual, family or organization starts with the decisions we make and what drives our decisions. This morning as we look at “Breaking the chains of dysfunction” by following the story of Jacob’s family and in particular his son Joseph, we will address “emotional dysfunction.”

071617 Emotional dysfunction guide

Part 3. “Habitual Dysfunction.” Genesis 39:1-20. 7/23/2017.

Who starts out wanting to be dysfunctional? None of us starts out wanting to be dysfunctional, and none of us likes to admit we are, but dysfunction is built up over time as something we start becomes more than just a one off; it becomes a habit we rely on. This morning we will address “Breaking the chains of dysfunction – Habitual dysfunction.”

072317 Habitual dysfunction guide

 Part 4. “Despairing Dysfunction. “Genesis 39:21 – 40:23. 7/30/2017.

Dysfunction as defined by the Oxford English dictionary is something which is “not operating normally or properly,” or “unable to deal adequately with normal social relations.” Sometimes dysfunction is bequeathed to us, and sometimes it is a result of our own shortcomings. But sometimes we find ourselves crushed under the weight of our circumstances and our “helplessness” to change any of it which in turn leads to leads to “Despairing dysfunction.”

073017 Despairing dysfunction guide

Part 5. “Aimless Dysfunction.”Genesis 41:1-46. 8/6/2017.

Most people want to know their lives have some kind meaning or purpose so they have a direction and goal to follow. But often those goals change over time, or disappear, or when they are reached it turns out the really didn’t fulfill the promise they offered. But what if there was a purpose for our lives which was greater than all those? Find out this Sunday as we talk about “Aimless dysfunction.”

080617 Aimless dysfunction guide

Update from missionary Rachael Amai. 8/13/2017.

Our sermons series is on pause this morning and will resume next Sunday as we are delighted to welcome Rachael Amai to share with us what God is doing in her and her husband Steven’s lives and ministry in Uganda and how we can pray and support them. Rachel is originally from Prineville but has lived in Lira Uganda for a number of years now.

<No audio available>

Part 6. “Fearful Dysfunction.” Genesis 42:1-38. 8/20/2017.

We have been waiting for the eclipse for what seems ages,with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety about what it will bring. Well now we know! It is one thing to be prepared but it is another to let fear drive our lives, and this Sunday we will be talking about how to break those chains of dysfunction caused by fear.

082017 Fearful dysfunction guide

Part 7. “Blaming Dysfunction.” Genesis 43:1-25. 8/27/2017.

We have been waiting for the eclipse for what seems ages,with a mixture of anticipation and anxiety about what it will bring. Well now we know! It is one thing to be prepared but it is another to let fear drive our lives, and this Sunday we will be talking about how to break those chains of dysfunction caused by fear.

082717 Blaming dysfunction guide

Part 8. “Image Dysfunction.” Genesis 43:26 -45:3. 9/3/2017

Synopsis not available.

090317 Image dysfunction guide

<audio is not available>

Part 9. “Disunity Dysfunction.” Genesis 45:4-28. 9/10/2017

This is the last in our series called “Breaking the chains of “dysfunction” in which we have looked at the dysfunction of one family – Jacob’s family, and how the dysfunction played itself out in various ways through the family dynamics. God has used Joseph to break the chains, but there is one more chain they must snap — “disunity dysfunction” They must come together and unite, but how after so many years of separation?

091017 Disunity dysfunction guide

“End of Breaking The Chains Of Dysfunction” Series.



A Servant Heart.

7/2/2017 Phillipians 2:1-11.

Guest speaker Ken Brooks.

What Keeps You In The Game?

6/25/2017 Various references.

Guest speaker Andrew Davis.


6/18/2017 Hebrews 12:1-7, Proverbs 12:1.

Guest speaker Andrew Davis speaks on discipline.



“How To Find The Perfect Church.” An 8 Part Series.

Part 1. “Perfect Guide.” Revelation 1:1-20. 4/23/2017

What goes into making the perfect church and how do you go about finding one? This is the question we are going to be asking over the next eight weeks in this new series taken from the first three chapters of the Book of Revelation. Is there a standard by which we can judge what a perfect church is, or is it just a matter of personal taste? This morning as we kick off the series we will start by looking for the “Perfect guide.”

042317 Perfect guide guide

Part 2. “Perfect Doctrine.” Revelation 2:1-7. 4/30/2017.

Last week in the first of our series we started with an introduction on “How to find the perfect church” and discussed how we need the “perfect guide” This week we move onto the first of the seven churches Jesus addresses in the Book of Revelation as he commends them for their endurance, yet somewhere in their resoluteness they have lost something more important. We will find out what in “The perfect doctrine.”

043017 Perfect doctrine guide

Part 3. “Perfect Suffering.” Revelation 2:8-11. 5/7/2017.

3rd part of our series “How to find the perfect church” this Sunday @ 9:30 am and it probably won’t be something you have down on your list. Come and find out what it is, come early and enjoy free breakfast.

050717 Perfect suffering guide

Part 4. “Perfect Culture.” Revelation 2: 12-17. 5/14/2017

As we continue in our series of “How to find the perfect church” so far we have seen the attributes Jesus looks for in a church are not necessarily the ones we look for; in fact if they were present we might well strike a perspective church off our list! On Sunday we look at another way we evaluate church, but what does Jesus have to say? We will explore His response in “The perfect culture.”

051417 Perfect culture guide

Part 5. “Perfect Theology.” Revelation 2:18-29. 5/21/2017

How should a church interact with the world around it? What is the message it is trying to get across and are means of doing it? These are not always easy questions to answer and yet we must if want to know “How to find the perfect church.” This Sunday morning we look at how we need “The perfect theology” to guide us.

052117 Perfect theology guide

Part 6. “Perfect Reputation.” Revelation 3:1-6. 5/28/2017

Have you ever gone to a restaurant which had lots of rave reviews, but you found it disappointing? The food were bland, the service was slow and the décor was dated and fading. It is like it forgot what it was supposed to be doing was and relying on its past. How about a church? Like a restaurant we rely on others reviews but whose should we believe? Find out Sunday as we talk about “The perfect reputation.”

052817 Perfect reputation guide

Part 7. “Perfect Opportunity.” Revelation 3:7-13. 6/4/2017

When is the right time for you to act? Does it take a lot of convincing for you to get on board with an idea, a group, or do you sign up quickly to what is being offered and seize the day so to speak? What obstacles deter us from getting on board? Sometimes there are legitimate obstacles but sometimes we just haven’t come with the right perspective. This morning as we look at “How to find the perfect church” we are going to see how we are given “The perfect opportunity” even when it doesn’t seem like it.

060417 Perfect opportunity guide

Part 8. “Perfect Passion.” Revelation 3:14-22. 6/11/2017

We come to our final sermon in our series, “How to find the perfect church,” and just as many young men and women are graduating around this time of year and looking to apply what they have learned in the world, so also as we examine the last church Jesus addresses in Revelation we look to apply what we have learned in “The perfect passion.”

061117 Perfect passion guide

End of “How To Find The Perfect Church” Series.



“A Question of Hope.” Ezekiel 37:1-14 & Luke 24:1-12. 4/16/2017. Easter Sunday.

What is the most unanswerable question you have either asked or been asked? There are a number of questions that fall into this category such as, “which came first the chicken or the egg?” This morning we listen to a question God asks which seems unanswerable, but then God answers His own question, and it has to do with a “Question of hope.”

041617 A Question of Hope

“An Invitation To Die.” John 12:1-26. 4/9/2017

Palm Sunday marks Jesus’ final arrival in Jerusalem, and although He had been there many times before there was something vastly different about this entrance, everyone was taking notice. But while everyone was taking notice, they were taking notice for different reasons, but the real question was anyone taking notice the way Jesus was? How about you what will you notice?

040917 Invitation to die guide



“Soul Food.” A 3 Part Series.

Part 1. “Eating Together.” Psalms 51. 3/19/2017

Starting this Sunday (19th), a short series called “Soul Food” to help us prepare to celebrate Easter. Lent, the forty day period leading up to Easter, is traditionally a time to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice and we can use “spiritual practices” to help us do this. But what are those practices and how can we use them to help us draw close to God and not just some “religious practice?” We will unpack these practices in this series so we can truly use them as “soul food.” This Sunday – “Eating together.”

031917 Eating together guide

Part 2. “Eating Out.” Mark 1:21-39. 3/26/2017

In this short series we are looking at the practice of Spiritual disciplines to coincide with Lent, the forty-day period leading up the Easter, which, if we practice certain Spiritual disciplines for the right reasons, will help us appreciate all the more what Christ has done for us make our celebration or Resurrection Day all the sweeter. Last week we practiced some spiritual disciplines in “Eating together,” this week we will talk about “Eating out.”

032617 Eating out guide

Part 3. “Eating In.” Matt. 6:1-21. 4/2/2017

This is the last of our short series looking at Spiritual disciplines; certain habits we can practice which, if done the right way, God can use them to draw us deeper into His presence. The physical can speak to spiritual, and nourish our souls. In this last discipline we are going to talk not so much about the things we should eat but rather the things we shouldn’t eat, and how abstaining from them for can free us to taste and see the Lord is good.

040217 Eating in guide

 End Of “Soul Food” Series.



 “Unraveling Identity Theft.” An 8 Part Series.

Part 1. “Limiting Life” Genesis 1:26-31. 1/22/2017

Where do you get your identity from as a human being? This is an important question because depending on what we see as the source of our identities determines the value and dignity of human life. We live in a culture where many sources vie to give us “identity” claiming they are of great value, but it turns out they are actually only stealing the identity of greatest value we have been given at birth by God. In this series we will “identify” these “thieves” that take our away our true value.

012217 Limiting life guide

Part 2. “Prejudicial Perspective” Jonah 4:1-11. 1/29/2017

In this series we are unraveling the deceit of thing we put our trust in which tell us they give as a better  identity than we already have and yet they don’t. This week we are pulling on a thread to reveal an identity thief which promises a great identity, but it comes at the expense of those around us, particularly those least like us. Want to know more? Join is for “prejudicial perspectives.”

012917 Prejudicial perspective guide

Part 3. “Sexualization” Proverbs 7. 2/5/2017

Who are you and where do you find your identity? That is the question at the heart of this series as we unravel the lie of identity thieves, which promise us so much and yet really deliver so little. This morning we are going to look at perhaps one of the most pervasive identity thieves there is in our culture; Sexualization.

020517 Sexualization guide

Part 4. “Sexualization 2” Matthew 19:1-12. 2/12/2017

This morning in our fourth part about recognizing thieves who promise us a wonderful identity and yet in reality deliver anything but we are returning to that great thief, “sexualization.” How does sexualization steal our identity when much of our culture says it is the most important identity we can have? We will unravel this difficult thief this morning.

021217 Sexualisation guide 2

 Part 5. “Consumerism” 1 Timothy 6:2b-10. 2/19/2017

Tomorrow is President’s Day and already our emails are overflowing with”great deals” to be had on everything from beds to electronics, but is that what the day is about, finding the best sale? In our series “Unraveling Identity Theft”, this morning we will look at “consumerism” and how our desires to find our value in goods and services will never be met.

020517 Consumerism guide

 Part 6. “Ceaselessness” 1 Corinthians 9:16-10:5. 2/26/17

The pace of life never seems to slow down, in fact it seems to get faster and faster, as we try and fit more activities and events into out lives. When someone wants to know about our identity they ask us, “What do you do?” What we do gives us both value and identity, but does it really describe who we are? Does it give us the value and identity we long so much to have, or is it actually a thief stealing the identity and value God made us to be? Find out today as we talk about “Ceaselessness”

022617 Ceaselessness guide

Part 7. “Comfortableness” Luke 16:19-31. 3/5/2017

Each of us has our own areas where we just feel “at home,” where as long as we stay within those boundaries we feel at ease. Often we refer to this as our “comfort zone,” whether we are talking about the work we like to do, the food we like to eat or the people we like to hang out with, and we like to stay in that zone. In fact we can be quite reluctant to move outside of the zone because we find value and identity in our “Comfortableness.” But is there where our true value and identity lies, or is it just a thief? Find out this morning as we do some un-raveling.

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Part 8. “Compulsiveness” Nehemiah 6:1-15. 3/12/2017

This morning is the last in our series in which we have been looking at things we identify with in order to gain value in our lives, and yet we find they neither give us the identity or the value we are looking for. This last identity thief is one again so many of us fall victim to, and it comes in the form of technology, because it makes us look valuable, like we have our finger on the pulse of life ready to respond to everyone and anyone, at anytime. But is that really true, or are we just falling prey to “Compulsiveness?”

031217 Compulsiveness guide

 End Of “Unraveling Identity Theft” Series.



“Missing Something?” Luke 2:41-52 1/15/2017

Ever set out boldly on a journey thinking you had everything you needed only to discover that you were actually missing a vital piece? Maybe you forgot it, thought you had packed it but discovered in fact you had left it behind, or perhaps you just didn’t bring it in the first place because you thought you wouldn’t need it. This morning we are going to look to see if we are “missing something” in our lives.

Church cancelled due to weather. 1/8/2017

“A Disturbing Question” Matthew 2:1-12  1/1/2017

Now that it is the first day of a new year what have you done with Christmas? Is it already packed up and put away in the cupboards or attic for another year? Is Christmas really over so quickly or does it go on longer than we think? This morning we look at a story that will hopefully extend our Christmas in the best possible way.



“Election Special” A 12 Part Series.

Labor Day has passed, the days are shorter and crisper and we are into the final straight of election season as candidates vying for offices from president through local city councilors make their pitch as to why we should elect them.
But what happens when a candidate is elected? Will they live up to the pledges of their manifesto? Often those elected to office struggle to keep them because either they never intended to when they were elected, and just said what they thought people wanted to hear, or more often, when they assume office they find circumstances are not what they thought they would be and it is a lot harder to do what they said.
If you were elected, what would you pledge to do, and would you be able to live up to your promises? It is always easier to blame our elected officials for what we think is wrong in the world but what about our pledges which come with our election to God’s kingdom, how well do we do keeping those? Are they mere lip service, or perhaps the circumstances of the world in which we live make them impossible to keep? Find out in this series taken from Paul’s letter the church at Ephesus.

Part 1. “Elected To An Inheritance” Ephesians 1:1-14. 9/25/16

Part 2. “Elected To Enlightenment” Ephesians 1: 15-23. 10/2/2016

Part 3. “Elected To Life” Ephesians 2:1-10. 10/9/2016

If you could elect to live your life over again would you? Perhaps many of us wouldn’t elect to live our whole lives over again, but there are certain parts of our lives we might like to redo, some regrets over what we did or didn’t do. But of course we can’t we are stuck with our past, or are we? In today’s “Election Special” we are going to look at how we have been elected to life.

Part 4. “Elected To Peace” Ephesians 2:11-18. 10/16/2016

In the fourth part of our series “Election Special” we are talking about “Elected to peace.” Who doesn’t want peace? Which of us this morning isn’t interested in seeing someone elected to office whose pledge and promise is to bring peace to both our country and the world? But exactly how would they do that, and is it a realistic promise? How about you, how about your election to peace, how well are you fulfilling your pledge?

Part 5. “Elected To Citizenship” Ephesians 2:19-3:6 10/23/2016

Much of the discourse taking place in the lead up to the election has to do with citizenship, what it means to be a citizen of this country, what and who determines what it means for us to be American citizens and who can become a citizen. In part five of “Election special” we will look at how we become citizens of heaven and what it means for us when we do.

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Part 6.”Elected To Power” Ephesians 3:7-21 10/30/2016

The election is nearing its conclusion with just over a week to go and someone is going to be elected to power and in January will take up the reigns of control. What about you this morning, what power have you been elected to? Where does your control come from? We will consider these questions as we continue our series “Election Special.”

Part 7. “Elected To Unity” Ephesians 4:1-6 11/6/2016

Two more days to go until the election and then it will be all over, and then we can get back to normal right? Well probably not because what divided the country before the election will divide the country after the election and whoever wins, will only have half the country on their side. Will they have the power to bring unity? In our series “Election special” this morning we are going to look at the unity we have been elected to bring in the church community, because we do have the power to bring unity but it will take some effort.


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Part 8. “Elected To Diversity” Ephesians 4:7-16 11/13/2016

This morning we turn our attention to how we are “elected to diversity.” Last week talked about the importance of unity in the body of Christ – the church and this week Paul encourages diversity in the church, which, at first glance might seem it would create the opposite of Paul’s desire for unity. How can diversity lead to unity, and indeed unity not be possible without diversity? We will address this question in “Election special.


Part 9. “Elected To Change” Ephesians 4:17-32 11/20/2016

A lot of the talk in the election that just took place centered around the need for change, and who was best qualified to bring it. In our series “Election special” this morning we too will be looking at how Christ followers are “Elected to change.” But what does this change look like and how do we bring it in to our lives?



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Part 10. “Elected To Imitate” Ephesians 5:1-20 11/27/2016

We all grow up looking for someone or something to copy, to use as a model for the image we want our lives to be like. The people or things that we are most likely to copy are those who are successful, who have what we want. In our series “Election special” this morning we are not going to look at whom we elect to imitate but rather what God has elected us to imitate. Who should we imitate and how do we know if we are doing a good job? Find out this morning in “Elected to imitate.”



Part 11. “Elected To Submit” Ephesians 5:21-6:9 12/4/2016

If you hear the word “submissive” what springs to your mind? Weakness, inferiority, and giving in? No doubt those are some of our thoughts when we hear submission talked about, and we don’t want to be on the receiving end of it, we would not elect ourselves to willingly submit to anyone. This morning in our series “Election special” however we are going to look at how God has elected us to submit, not just to Him but also to our fellow human beings, in “Elected to submit.”


Part 12. “Elected To Stand” Ephesians 6:10-24 12/11/2016

This is our last and final sermon in our series “Election special” in which we have focused on how we have been elected by God into His kingdom through Jesus Christ, and in response to our election and what God has done for us we are to live our lives in a way that shows we belong to His kingdom. But we will face opposition if we try and do that, because there are powers that don’t want us to succeed, and so we need to realize we have been “Elected to stand.”

 End Of “Election Special” Series.



 “Courage.” A 3 Part Series.

Part 1. “Courage” 6/19/2016
Are you courageous? This morning we kick off a short three part series on courage and how we can grow in courage. We all admire courageous people and like to think that we are courageous as well, but do we really have as much courage as we think we do? In the first part this morning we are going to look at “Conspicuous courage,” in other words the kind of courage that gets noticed in the world.
Part 2. “Growing Courage” 6/26/2016
Last week in the first part of our series on “Growing courage’ we looked at physical courage which is more conspicuous, it’s the kind of courage that we can all see and want to emulate. But not all courage is conspicuous, there is courage that takes place out of sight and yet it is no less important. This morning we talk about “Convicting courage.”
Part 3. “Conscientious Courage” 7/3/2016
In this series on courage we have looked at physical courage; where an act of bravery is required to charge an enemy, and internal courage where courage is required to look within ourselves to see who we truly are, and what we need to change to reflect the image of God in our lives. This morning, as we celebrate Independence Day and our freedom, we look at the courage required to stand firm inside and outside under pressure to give into the prevailing culture and ideals of the day; “Conscientious Courage.”



“Seven Signs You Don’t Want to Miss.” A 7 Part Series.

Part 1. “Replenish” 5/1/2016

We start a new series taken from John’s gospel as we look at the miracles that Jesus performed, but what John wants us to understand is not so much about what the miracles did for the people involved, but what they said about the one who performed them. The first one involves a bridegroom who is in some trouble because he doesn’t have enough beverage for his guests, but who can help him, who would be willing to help him out of his mistake?

Part 2. “Seeing Is Believing” 5/8/2016

This morning we are in part two of our series, “Seven Signs,” taken from the Gospel of John who gives us just seven signs that Jesus performed out of the countless ones he did. Why only seven, and what is significant about this second sign that we don’t want to miss?

Part 3. “Elephant In The Room” 5/15/2016

This morning we are in part three of our series, “Seven Signs,” taken from the Gospel of John who gives us just seven signs where Jesus touched lives and situations in a miraculous way. Wish that Jesus would touch your life that way? This morning’s sign involves a man who appeared to want God’s touch in his life, but when it came down to it perhaps he really didn’t because it would involve him doing something he didn’t want to do.

Part 4. “Full Meal Deal” 5/22/16

This morning we are in part four of our series, “Seven Signs,” taken from the Gospel of John who gives us just seven signs where ]esus touched lives and situations in a miraculous way. In this mornings sing Jesus provides the physical needs of a large crowd who certainly notice the sign, and yet draw the wrong conclusions about what it was all about. How about you, are you getting the “Full meal deal?”

Part 5. “Safe Harbour” 5/29/16

What kind of force are you facing in your life this morning? Some of us might be battling against the elements while others of us are enjoying calm waters, but no matter where we are conditions can change rapidly as we journey towards our destination. What will bring us to a “Safe harbour?” This morning in part five of our series “Seven signs” we see an indication of someone we can turn to.

Part 6. “What Do you See?” 6/5/16

In the sixth sign Jesus miraculously restores a man’s sight that has been blind from birth, surely people will see Him for who He is now? Despite the formerly blind man’s powerful testimony the sign still does not seem to be enough for many. Why it wasn’t depends on how you look at it.

Part 7. 6/12/16

This morning we come to the last in our series, “Seven signs” you don’t want to miss. The signs Jesus has performed have steadily increased in power, starting with changing water to wine which just a few people saw, to feeding a larger crowd with next to nothing, and making a man blind from birth see. In this sign Jesus overcomes something that will be the end of all our stories at some point. Is it “the end of the story” for you?

End Of “Seven Signs You Don’t Want to Miss” Series.



“The Long and Winding Road.” A 3 Part Series.

Ever feel like life is a long and winding road? Famously the Beatles sung about the ups and downs of life and we have all experienced the highs and lows, but perhaps not as much as a woman called Naomi. She went through some rather deep lows and her highs turned out to be somewhat different to what she expected before she reached the end of her road. Join us for this three-week series taken from the book of Ruth to give us encouragement through the ups and downs of life.

Part 1. “Yesterday” 4/10/2016

Part 2. “Help” 4/17/2016

Part 3. “When I’m Sixty Four” 4/24/2016

End Of “The Long and Winding Road” Series.



Four Characteristics of Job.

Guest speaker Andrew Davis.

Four character traits of Job. 4/3/2016



“What’s Your Story.” A 10 Part Series.

We begin a new series called “What’s your story?” We all have a story, and the way we live our lives tells our story, but what does it say about us? What does it say about who we think we are, what we value, what we trust, what we fear? What story does you life tell and is it the one you want to tell? For the next ten weeks our Anchor groups will considering the same question! From 1 Peter.

Part 1: My Story Is A Living Hope. 1/17/2015

Part 2: My Story Is A Prepared Mind. 1/24/2015

Part 3: My Story Is Brotherly Love. 1/31/2015

Part 5: My Story is Relational. 2/14/16

Part 9: My Story Is Suffering 3/13/16



“Community Connections.” A 2 Part Series.

How many people have made the resolution to be more connected in 2016? Most of us want to be part of a community, it is what we were created for; but wanting and being are not the same thing. If you desire more community this year come and join us to find out how to be in community for 2016.

Part 1: Community Connections 1/3/2016

Part 2: Community Connections 1/10/2016

End Of “Community Connections.” Series.



  Now What?

Now that Christmas is over… 12/27/2015
Luke 2:1-20



“What’s The Point?” A 9 Part Series.

Part 1: Evidence of Love 9/20/2015
Ever wonder why Jesus told stories? Come and find out why He told stories and how the stories He told might connect to yours in our new series starting this Sunday at 9:30 am called: What’s The Point?

Part 2: Neighbor Filters 9/27/2015
This week’s story focuses on a man beaten and robbed and left by the side of the road half dead. Who will come to his aid? Will anyone notice him and take care of him? Who will see him as their neighbor? Find out Sunday morning 9:30 am for the second in our series.

Part 3: Cheeky Demands 10/4/2015
What kind of influence does it take to get you to do something? All our actions are influenced by something or someone but what influences do we listen to? In this week’s story that Jesus tells there is a man who thinks that his life has been influenced by God but it turns out it really hasn’t. Join us this Sunday at 9:30 am for the “Power Of Persuasion.”

Part 4: What’s In Your Barn? 10/11/2015
What are you working for? Most of us spend a good part of our lives working hard to fill our homes, garages, and sheds with stuff because we believe more stuff equal more security. Jesus tells a story about a man who did not have enough room for his stuff but in the end he didn’t need it. Join us Sunday 9:30am as we ask “What’s in your barn?

Part 5: What Gets Your Goat? 10/18/2015
This week Jesus tells one of the best know and well loved of all His stories. it is about a man who has two sons and one goes off the grid for a while but returns and is taken in by his father. It is an encouraging heart warming story for all prodigals. But is that the point of Jesus’ story? come and find out Sunday at 9:30 am as we talk about “What gets your goat?”

Part 6: Invest Outside The Box. 10/25/2015
What are you investing in? You might not be investing much in the stock market but you are investing in something with your resources such as time and thoughts. What will be the return? Sometimes it takes a shot across the bow of our live’s path to help us rethink our strategy and that is what happens to a man in this week’s story, “Invest Outside The Box.” 9:30 am this Sunday.

Part 7: The Power To Persuade. 11/1/2015
What kind of influence does it take to get you to do something? All our actions are influenced by something or someone but what influences do we listen to? In this week’s story that Jesus tells there is a man who thinks that his life has been influenced by God but it turns out it really hasn’t. Join us this Sunday at 9:30 am for the “Power Of Persuasion.”

Part 8: Let’s Party. 11/8/2015
What kind of excuse do you need to throw a party? This week Jesus tells the story of a woman who throws a celebration because she has found a coin she lost and says to her friends and neighbors, “let’s party!” Want to know how you can join in the greatest party of all time? Join us Sunday morning, 9:30 am, and be ready to party!

Part 9: Not available.

End Of “What’s The Point?” Series.