Rock Pointe

Smith Rock Community Church’s desire is for relationships to thrive as God intended them to, and to this end we are excited to introduce a special resource which we believe will help everyone in all life stages take intentional steps towards that goal. Rock Pointe is particularly geared towards marriages and families as we believe that these two institutions are the primary foundation that God created for relationships.

In the Rock Pointe Center you will find “Pointer Cards” that address various life stages, such as adolescencPointere, college, age, being single, getting ready for marriage, expecting a baby, parenting, and empty nesters. In all there are thirty one pointer cards; each one addressing the specific subject in a concise way, with suggestions on how to address the stage and further resources to dig deeper.


In addition to the Pointer Cards you will also find marriage recipe“Recipe Cards,” these give specific tips and suggestions on things such as how to have a family night where an age appropriate film is recommended and ideas about how to have a conversation about how faith relates to the film. A marriage recipe card might include ideas for a date night and how connect with your spouses heart.

The last piece to being intentional with your relationships is keep track of how you are doing, as in addition to the Pointer cards and Recipe cards there is a 120 day plan of intentionality so you can see just how intentional you are being!

120 daysThis is just a very brief overview of the resources available and we will be adding more as we go along, so stop by often to see what is available to help you. Remember Rock Pointe is is not a program, but is a resource that anyone can use to intentionally build better relationships in the home which is where most of life takes place.